Inclusive language copywriter

Content that respects diversity, equity, and inclusion

Words that make a difference

Actions might speak louder than words, but words reveal beliefs, values, and attitudes.

Does your organisation value diversity, equity, and inclusion? An inclusive language copywriter can make that commitment shine in your communications.

Don’t let poorly chosen language undermine the important work you do.

I’ll make sure your words reflect your actions, so you can show up as the ally your diverse communities expect.

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What I do

  • Tone of Voice and Inclusive Language Style Guides
  • Inclusive Language Audits and clean-ups
  • Diversity and Inclusion Statements

Is your team on the same page with inclusive language?

Even the most well-meaning people can slip up on language and risk offending customers or service users.

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a checklist to help remove the uncertainty?

I create customised Tone of Voice language style guides to do just that.

Working closely with you to get to know your organisation’s distinct personality and traits, I will develop your ultimate inclusive language copywriting go-to-guide.

Your comprehensive Tone of Voice document sets out how you communicate with your diverse audiences, what you say and how you say it.

It clarifies your messages, sets foundations for consistency, and presents respectful language choices that everyone understands.

Perfect for in-house content creators and for sharing with external suppliers.

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Inclusive or *woke*?

You can’t unsee something, and it is equally difficult to unknow.

When you start scratching the surface of inclusive language, it’s a bit like taking the red pill in The Matrix. It opens your eyes.

It is not about being *woke*. It is about being aware and respectful.

Commonly used words and expressions can carry hurtful meanings, both obvious and hidden.

Some words derive from nasty histories. Others are simply outdated and irrelevant.

I am committed to learning from the people affected by the words we use.  I seek out community leaders and advocates, paying attention to their language preferences.

My awareness of evolving language means you can be confident that my copy respects your audiences.

I can also review and update your existing content to make sure it reflects your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tanya’s keen sense of the humanity within projects meant her perspectives and insights on language choice were sought out frequently during strategic and marketing planning.
Michelle Wearing-Smith

Head of Marketing Communications, , Murdoch Children's Research Institute

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Storytelling that demands sensitivity

Sharing stories is an important way to build understanding and inclusion. But it can also leave the storyteller exposed and vulnerable.

In a world that is not always friendly towards difference, impact stories must walk a delicate balance.

When you need nuanced stories uncovered and told, know that I provide the gentle and sensitive approach they demand.

I apply the social model of disability

“The social model sees ‘disability’ is the result of the interaction between people living with impairments and an environment filled with physical, attitudinal, communication and social barriers.

It therefore carries the implication that the physical, attitudinal, communication and social environment must change to enable people living with impairments to participate in society on an equal basis with others.”

People with Disability Australia

Inclusive language copywriting services

My inclusive language copywriting services are customised to your needs. Pricing can vary depending on the size and specifics of each project.

But it helps to get an idea of what your investment might look like.

Diversity & inclusion statement

$350 + GST (200-300 words)


  • 30-minute video-conference briefing to discuss diversity goals
  • Diversity Statement drafted in your tone of voice
  • Unlimited amends within 14 days of the first draft
  • Professional proofreading
  • Supplied in a ready-for-upload copy deck document.

Inclusive language audit & content clean-up

$1410 + GST (5 pages x 400-500 words)


  • Inclusive language audit of your 5 nominated pages
  • Audit report and priority action list
  • 30-minute video conference briefing to discuss audit findings and client diversity and inclusion goals
  • Inclusive language copy clean-up
  • Copy edited for plain English
  • Unlimited amends within 14 days of the first draft
  • Professional proofreading
  • Supplied in a ready-for-upload copy deck document.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Statement
  • Accessible content checklist for in-house creators.

Tone of voice & inclusive language style guide

$3820 + GST 


  • Inclusive language audit of up to 5 nominated pages
  • Detailed questionnaire to collect information
  • 60-minute video conference briefing to discuss the audit, questionnaire, and tone of voice
  • Telephone or video-call survey of up to 5 current service users
  • Competitor and industry research
  • Checklist of words to use and words to avoid
  • Brand positioning, vision and principles, and how to carry it through in your copy
  • Key messages
  • Customised inclusive language word bank
  • Overview of style and grammatical conventions
  • Up to three target audience profiles
  • Sample copy
  • Live document for in-house marketing team to add samples and updates
  • Branded static document ready to share with staff and suppliers.


  • Diversity and Inclusion Statement
  • Accessible content checklist for in-house creators.
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Do the best you can until you know better.
Then, when you know better, do better.

– Maya Angelou