Strategic communications

Tactical thinking that connects your message to your mission

Got news to share with your stakeholders but lack a clear plan?

Need donors and volunteers, but unsure how to reach them?

Want to build awareness of the important services you provide?

When you need a comms professional to do more than churn out the words, turn to a specialist in strategic communications.

A clipboard with two crosses and an arrow weaving between them to point to the strategic target circle. A potted plant sits to the left. Two large green leave fan out from either side of the clipboard.

Big picture thinking

As a non-profit or social enterprise, your organisation’s priority is improving services for the people you support. Splashing out on ad hoc marketing campaigns is not an option.

As a strategic communications specialist, I get to know and understand your organisation, mission and objectives. I work closely with you to clarify your goals then choose the best communication tools and tactics to help achieve them.

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What is communication strategy?

A communication strategy is your master plan for sharing important messages.

Instead of an inefficient scattergun approach, strategic communications sets its sights on the destination and plots the best way to get there.

It draws on the disciplines of journalism, public relations and marketing to apply the right mix of tools, at the right time to reach your key audiences.

This approach helps you get the attention you want, win support and make a bigger impact.

When to use strategic communications

  • Volunteer drives
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Organisational announcements
  • During emergencies and crises
  • Grant applications
  • Releasing new products and services
  • Advocacy campaigns
  • Award applications
  • Building or redeveloping websites
  • Annual reports and other high-level publications

Strategic comms tools and tactics

  • Thought leadership articles
  • Speeches
  • Internal and external newsletters
  • Stakeholder letters
  • Social media campaigns
  • Media releases
  • Feature articles
  • Events
  • Story-telling campaigns
  • Collaborations
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What I do

I bring together journalism’s storytelling, PR’s relationship-building and marketing’s audience engagement to deliver two streams of strategic communications.

Corporate communication

Build and maintain strong relationships and a consistent identity across your stakeholder groups.

Whether it’s reporting on your successes, or providing reassurance during times of change, corporate communications provides the strategic approach to ensure your messages land well.

Content marketing

Give your current and potential audiences relevant and valuable information that puts your services in the spotlight.

Demonstrate your experience, expertise, authority and trust through quality content that brings people to your website and builds your community.

Communication that is strategic and measurable

Communication efforts are easier to measure with clear goals.

Knowing where you want to go, why you want to get there and what it will look like when you arrive makes the comms journey smoother.

Together we will set realistic objectives and relevant success indicators to mark our path.

Stay accountable with communication that is strategic and measurable.

Tanya’s thoughtfully written words about the work we do and the people we support built up our social media following, monthly newsletter lists and media exposure, as well as keeping our website content fresh and interesting.

Arnie Bax

Operations manager, disability service provider