Communication and marketing writing

Ease your content workload and meet your marketing goals

Where words are needed, I’ve got you covered.

Journalism, PR and marketing experience make me the versatile communication and marketing writing specialist you’re looking for.

Get a wordsmith in your corner and ease your content workload.

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Marketing communication to nurture, inform and spark action

To achieve social impact you need to consider various groups of people.

You want to inform current service users of updates to your programs. You’d like potential service users to know you exist. You also need supporters, volunteers and donors to help you deliver and grow your offering.

How do you reach all these people in a meaningful way?

As a marketing communicator specialising in health and social services I start by understanding your mission and vision. I weave your values and objectives into your marketing content to nurture, inform and spark the action you seek.

Marketing copy and content

While often used interchangeably, copy and content differ in terms of purpose.

Marketing content is about informing people and building awareness and understanding through your expertise.

Copywriting intends to spark action. It is about motivating a response that leads people to do something.

As a communication specialist, I do both.

What I do

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Marketing content

Inform, nurture and build trust with:

  • brochures and reports
  • newsletters
  • case studies
  • though leadership
  • articles
  • SEO blog posts.

Marketing copy

Motivate action with:

Your responsive and experienced marketing writer

As a journalist I learned to find narrative in a tangle of information. To structure stories that capture and keep a reader’s interest. It made me quick, accurate and accountable.

In marketing communications the audience’s needs are still central, but the story is yours.

I’ll give your diverse communities the information they need, while amplifying your mission through authentic communication.

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Ensure content accessibility and inclusion are on the radar

When you work with me you can be sure accessible and inclusive content is front of mind from the start to finish of every project.

My communication and marketing writing services are designed to support your organisation’s diversity, equity and inclusion commitments.

Communication and marketing writing packages

Other marketing communication projects

Most of my work is customised to my clients’ strategic goals and involves a mix of marketing communication tools that don’t always fit in a simple box.

Find out more about my strategic communications work or get in touch to discuss how I can support your communication and marketing projects.

International symbol of access

Make your documents accessible for people with disability

For clients keen to make their digital documents and publications as accessible as possible, I work closely with one of Australia’s only IAAP accredited Accessible Document Specialists.