Comms specialist for health and social services

Kind and careful communication supporting access and inclusion

Breathe out.

You’ve found a comms specialist with the practical and strategic skills to power through your projects. A reliable communications professional who hits the ground running. Who can whip out the words you need while ensuring every piece is on brand, on brief and on time.

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Accessible and inclusive content built in

When you work with me you can be confident that your diverse audiences are always front of mind. Content accessibility and inclusive language are embedded in my work.

If accessibility and inclusion are priorities for your organisation, choose a communication specialist who prioritises kind and careful content.

What I do

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Access & inclusion

Put accessible content and inclusive language first.

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Marketing writing

Get a wordsmith in your corner and ease your workload.
Communications specialist for SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting

Speak to your humans and boost search results.
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Strategic comms

Tactical thinking that connects your message to your mission.

What is a communication specialist?

Choose a communication specialist if you want to draw on a valuable mix of journalism, public relations and marketing skills.

As a comms specialist, I look at an organisation’s vision, mission and objectives to craft and deliver clear messages for your audiences in the most effective way.

Tanya Hollis sits in a cane chair in an outdoor bush setting. She is holding a cup of coffee and is wearing a tweed cap and puffer jacket.

Meet your communication expert

Hi, I’m Tanya Hollis

I’ve worked with clients in health promotion, medical research, disability support, and social services.

Like them, I’m all about building a fair and inclusive world. One that celebrates the diversity of the human experience.

As a skilled interviewer, I can extract and simplify knowledge from subject experts. I am also a thoughtful listener who supports people to share sensitive stories.

A high quality publication produced ahead of schedule. It says a lot about Tanya’s understanding of our organisation and the messaging we want to communicate to our stakeholders.

Sarah Mokbel

Marketing and communications coordinator, Travellers Aid Australia

Brands I’ve worked with

Logo for Copy That is upper case black letters and full stop on a white background.
Monochrome logo for Travellers Aid
Greyscale logo reads genU. Speaking marks above the letter 'U' create the look of eyes with the U becoming a smile.
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Her knowledge, skills and attention to detail ensure media opportunities are risk-averse; they run smooth and generate maximum exposure.
Julie Lawrence

Assistant director, media, National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA)