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My clients prioritise accessibility and inclusion. I help them stay up-to-date and consistent with inclusive language audits and customised guides that respect the communities they serve.

Inclusive language guidelines keep staff on the same page

Client: Travellers Aid

Travellers Aid is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit supporting people to connect, engage and participate, predominantly through public transport. Travellers experiencing permanent, temporary and situational disability can access supports including transport connection services, companion services, personal care, transport disruption services, and access and inclusion services at events.


Travellers Aid wanted to ensure all new content used language that respected the diversity of its service users. While some in the organisation had a strong understanding of inclusive language, others did not. The organisation was also aware of inconsistencies in inclusive language on its website and marketing collateral.

My brief was to create a customised inclusive language guide and checklist for use by staff and volunteers.


Following discussions to identify key communities and specific areas of uncertainty and inconsistency, I reviewed existing organisational guidelines and content samples. I then did research on current language preferences for each of the groups identified.

I gathered the research into a comprehensive master document covering each audience group, explaining the preferred language and providing samples of use. I also provided specific options and alternatives for expressions and statements frequently used by the organisation. This provided consistent, ready-to-go phrases that staff could feel confident using.

The information was also condensed into a checklist for distribution among staff as a quick reference.

The documents also included general content accessibility guidelines with particular emphasis on branding colours and contrast considerations, as well as page layouts for accessible web pages and digital publications.


Travellers Aid considers respectful, inclusive language to be an important part of their service delivery and organisational values. The client said the documents provided clarity and consistency, and are used almost daily.