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Copywriting is about words that inspire action. Brochures, newsletters, billboards, web pages, social posts, and advertising copy are just some of the channels I’ve helped clients with. By mixing in my SEO know-how, words on the page also have an impact on search results. Win-win.

Memorable words to drive online action

Screen grab of the Event Volunteers web page. The image links to the live site on the Travellers Aid website.
One of the billboards in the campaign. On the right is a picture of a volunteer at an event. Text reads, 'Help make Melbourne's big events more inclusive'.
Sample social media post from the campaign with image of tennis ball and heading text, 'Help someone ace their Australian open 2023 experience'.

Client: Travellers Aid

Travellers Aid is a Melbourne-based not-for-profit supporting people to connect, engage and participate, predominantly through public transport. Travellers experiencing permanent, temporary and situational disability can access supports including transport connection services, companion services, personal care, transport disruption services, and access and inclusion services at events.


When a supporter generously donated prominent outdoor advertising space on 9 billboards for one month, Travellers Aid decided to use this opportunity to call for volunteers in the lead-up to its busy events season. The charity asked me to develop three variations of copy to run on the selected billboards.


When volunteers come on board to help at only one event, it is costly for a charity organisation. To better manage the cost of training new people, Travellers Aid hoped to inspire people to sign up to help out at multiple events across the year. We developed the idea of inviting people to join a dedicated events volunteer team to provide access and inclusion services at some of Melbourne’s biggest events.

I did keyword research to explore the ways potential event volunteers might search for opportunities and built this into tagline variations to use on the billboards.

I then used this research to create and optimise an Events Volunteering page on Travellers Aid’s website, with consistent headings and imagery that mirrored the billboard’s design.  I updated other potential landing pages – including the home page and main volunteering page – to include campaign-aligned imagery and links to the Events Volunteering page.

A paid social media campaign ran alongside the billboard campaign to further promote the message.


Initially scheduled to run 46 days, the social media campaign exceeded its volunteer registration goals in just 2 weeks.

Over the course of the billboard campaign, visitor traffic to the client’s website rose 30% on the month prior to the campaign’s start. Traffic was also 128% higher than for the same time the previous year.

The client reported that they filled enough volunteer roles to support almost 6 times as many people as they had in the previous year.

Engaging copy to leverage ad space

Client: Gateways Support Services

Gateways Support Services is a not-for-profit, NDIS service provider specialising in supporting children and adults with intellectual disability and autism. Gateways operates in Geelong, Warrnambool, Werribee and Footscray.


After booking advertising space in various newspaper ‘special features’, the client had an opportunity to submit editorial copy to run alongside their ads. To leverage the opportunity, the client had to submit copy in the publication’s tone and style, and that met the required word count. They also needed to submit a quality photograph to accompany the copy.


The idea of an advertorial is that it looks like a typical news article. While it is paid space and does not need to adhere to the usual requirement for balanced reporting, the more it resembles a legitimate news article in content, the more likely the audience will read it.

When constructing advertorial content, I take my cues from my journalistic training and experience to create articles that deliver value and share human stories that will stay with the reader.

Another approach I have used is to ghostwrite for a service area expert, incorporating their knowledge with a participant case study to highlight the service in action.

Each story involved finding a relevant participant case study, interviewing them and any staff involved in the service delivery, and arranging relevant photography or imagery that supports the news value of the story.


By writing strong human interest stories in the tone and style of each publication, and within the word limit, my copy is rarely edited. This maintains the integrity of the client’s message while delivering engaging content that audiences enjoy reading.

Media clip from MamaMag Westside, entitled, 'Helping kids learn to play'. Image links to article on page 15.
Click image to read the full article on page 15.
Media clipping from Warrnambool Standard Health and Services Guide entitled, 'Disability support for the whole family'. Image links to article on page 8.
Click image to read the full article on page 8.

Work completed while leading marketing communications in-house at Gateways Support Services.